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Captivating and Compelling Newsletters: Crafted and Printed in Anchorage Discover the intersection of adventure and culture in Anchorage, where your message springs to life through meticulously crafted newsletters from Technipress Printing.

We are committed to designing and printing newsletters that spark readers' interest in your product or service.

Our print quality is second to none, ensuring your newsletter grabs the attention it deserves!


Why Use Newsletters in Anchorage? 

Newsletters in Anchorage are the perfect vehicle for delivering your message to a targeted audience.

From announcements and updates to upcoming events, newsletters can provide valuable information on what's happening in your company.

Not only are newsletters an excellent means of communication, but they are also a powerful marketing tool.

Carefully crafted newsletters have the potential to:

  • Build strong relationships with customers and partners
  • Create brand awareness
  • Drive sales
  • Generate leads

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

  • Precision Quality: Every page of your newsletter passes through our proprietary inspection process, where we check for alignment, accuracy, color consistency, and vibrancy.
  • Exceptional Service: We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to business communications. Our professional team will work with you to create a production schedule that meets your timeline and budget.
    Unbeatable Pricing: We strive to give our customers the best value for their money, offering competitive pricing on all our newsletter production services.
  • Unbeatable Pricing: We strive to give our customers the best value for their money, offering competitive pricing on all our newsletter production services.

Limitless Design Possibilities

  • Digital Printing: We use cutting-edge digital printing technology to quickly and efficiently produce your newsletters.
  • Inserts: We offer a wide range of inserts to add extra personalization to your newsletter.
  • Direct Mail Services: Let us handle the delivery of your newsletters so you can focus on spending time with customers or clients.

7 Top Tips for Creating Memorable Newsletters

  1. Utilize Professional Design: Invest in professional design to create visually stunning newsletters that will capture the attention of your target audience.
  2. Keep it Simple: Avoid overcrowding your newsletter with too much text or graphics.
  3. Focus on Quality Content: Ensure your content is accurate, up-to-date, engaging, and informative.
  4. Personalize Your Content: Use personalization techniques to tailor the newsletter to individual readers or groups.
  5. Choose the Right Paper: Select a high-quality paper stock consistent with your brand identity.
  6. Incorporate Visuals: Include photos, charts, or illustrations to make your newsletter more enticing.
  7. Use Calls-to-Action: Prompt readers to take a desired action with effective calls-to-action.





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    Front: Full-Color
    Back: Full-Color
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    Color Copy

    Classic Linen

    Classic Crest

    Royal Fiber

    Astro Bright

    Vellum Bristol



  6. Folding Options

    View Folded once in the center, creating two, equal halves.
    View Bottom third folded up and top third folded down, overlapping it. Common for letters, flyers, and brochures.
    View Folded in half creating two equal sections, then turned 90 degrees and folded again in three, equal sections.
    View Folded in half, creating two equal sections. Then, turned 90 degrees and folded again in half for two more equal sections.
  7. Binding Options



    Saddle-stitching involves inserting staples through the spine of a multi-page document before it is folded. Most booklets and smaller magazines use this binding method.

  8. Hole Drilling


    Drilling is the printing term for punching holes along the spine edge of a printed item. Three-hole drilling allows your printed items to be conveniently stored in a standard three-ring binder. 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16" holes are available. Of these, 5/16" is the most common.

  9. Special Services


    Want to add a finishing touch to give your printing a unique look and feel? If your design calls for any of these options, please let us know. Check all that apply.

  10. Shrink Wrapping


    What are the benefits of shrink-wrapping?

    Shrink-wrapping protects against humidity, dust, and dirt; prevents damage from bending, tearing, or folding; and keeps printed items well-organized, under control, and easy to maintain. Printed materials are far easier to transport and store when they're shrink-wrapped together, rather than stacked loosely in a pile.

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