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TechniPress Printing: Your One-Stop Destination for High-Quality Flyers in Anchorage, Alaska: Looking to promote your Anchorage business effectively?

Our high-quality flyers in Anchorage, AK are perfect for advertising products, services, and events.

With eye-catching designs and professional printing, your message will make a lasting impression.

Whether it's a grand opening, special event, or brand awareness, Technipress Printing has you covered.


Elevate Your Advertising Game with Flyers 

Flyers are a versatile marketing material that can be used for various purposes.

Among the benefits flyers from TechniPress Printing offer you are:

  • Budget-friendly: Flyers are a cost-effective option for promoting your business compared to other forms of advertising, such as TV or radio commercials.
  • Targeted marketing: You can choose where and when to distribute your flyers, allowing you to reach specific audiences in a particular area.
  • Easy customization: Flyers can be easily customized with different designs, sizes, and messages depending on your specific advertising needs.
  • Tangible and memorable: Unlike digital advertisements, flyers are physical objects that customers can hold onto, making it easier for them to remember your business.
  • Measurable results: You can track the success of your flyer campaign by including a call-to-action or using unique QR codes or discount codes, providing valuable insights for future marketing efforts. 

Stand Out with Professional Printing 

At TechniPress Printing, we know the importance of high-quality printing for effective advertising.

That's why we use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to create visually appealing flyers with a professional finish.

Our skilled designers can help you create unique, eye-catching designs to make your business stand out.

We offer various paper types and finishes, giving you the flexibility to represent your business with the perfect flyer.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? 

TechniPress Printing offers you:

  • Different sizes: Choose from standard or customize sizes to fit you needs.
  • Paper types: We offer a range of paper options, including glossy, matte, and recycled paper, to suit your preferences and budget.
  • Color options: From full-color to black and white, we can print your flyers in various colors to match your brand's aesthetic.
  • Folding: If you need more space for information, consider adding folds to your flyer, like a bi-fold or tri-fold design.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your advertising game with high-quality flyers in Anchorage, AK from TechniPress Printing. Contact us today at 907-561-8477 or to get started. We look forward to helping you make a lasting impression on your target audience.



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    View Folded once in the center, creating two, equal halves.
    View Bottom third folded up and top third folded down, overlapping it. Common for letters, flyers, and brochures.
    View Two parallel folds made in opposite directions, resulting in a z-shape fold and creating three panels of equal size. Common for letters, flyers, and brochures.
    View Four panels. Folded in half and then in half again in the same direction. Two inside sections are slightly skinnier for exact alignment when folding.
    View Features a larger interior panel and two equal side panels that fold inward but do not overlap, similar to doors or gates.
    View Uses alternating folds to create multiple panels of similar size. Folds resemble the pleats of an accordion.
    View Folded in half creating two equal sections, then turned 90 degrees and folded again in three, equal sections.
    View Folded in half, creating two equal sections. Then, turned 90 degrees and folded again in half for two more equal sections.
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    What are the benefits of shrink-wrapping?

    Shrink-wrapping protects against humidity, dust, and dirt; prevents damage from bending, tearing, or folding; and keeps printed items well-organized, under control, and easy to maintain. Printed materials are far easier to transport and store when they're shrink-wrapped together, rather than stacked loosely in a pile.

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